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Foreign investment
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Sol-Law is the leading commercial and civil legal practice in the Solomon Islands. Established in 1996, we service a wide range of clients from private individuals to large Australian and multinational corporations


Level 5,
Anthony Saru Building
Coronation Avenue
Solomon Islands

P.O. Box 498
Solomon Islands

T (677) 23886
F (677) 20356

Based in Honiara, Sol-Law offers clients an international standard legal practice combining the talent and experience of local lawyers with Australian barristers and lawyers.

Sol-Law specialises in commercial litigation, appeals, company law, equity and trusts, securities, admiralty and maritime law, the law merchant, resource law (including forestry, mining and fishing), taxation, insolvency, banking and finance, insurance law, foreign and local investment, estate planning and administration, and conveyancing.

We also provide legal advice on corporate restructuring, foreign investment applications, customary law, alternative dispute resolution, commercial support services and notarial services.

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