Business in the Solomon Islands

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Procedures and Legal Requirements to Establish a Local Company

Foreign Investment Requirements

Foreign individuals or companies doing business in Solomon Islands must be registered under the Foreign Investment Act 2005 and hold a current Certificate of Registration (COR) under that Act.

The Act has a standard form of application which requires some detail. In addition to filing a business plan, foreign individuals or companies must provide details of:

  1. Employment of expatriate employee
  2. Particulars of employment and training for indigenous Solomon Islanders
  3. A localised plan to demonstrate benefits in training and employment for indigenous Solomon Islanders

Foreign individuals or companies must not encroach on industries reserved solely for indigenous Solomon Islanders.



Corporate Structure

Upon receipt of the COR, the applicants can apply for incorporation of a company.

The application fee to register a company in Solomon Islands is SB$1,250.00 (or US$152.25 equivalent).

There are four main types of company:

  1. Single shareholder company
  2. Private Company
  3. Public Company
  4. Community Company

Private company limited by shares

  1. Minimum of one and maximum of 50 shareholders

Public company

  1. More than 50 shareholders

A private company can convert into public company or vice versa under the Act.

While the Companies Act 2009 does not state the minimum amount of paid-up capital, one per cent stamp duty will be levied on the authorised capital of the company.


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